Congratulations on your new Echo Device (Speakers)! Are you ready to ask your new voice assistant (Alexa app) a whole new list of questions but you’re still confused about Alexa setup? We will go over that shortly.

This is crazy:

This hands-free voice-controlled speaker can do much more than you can imagine. Amazon Echo devices are certainly the easiest way to make your home smarter. There are wide varieties of options like Echo, Echo dot, Echo Plus, Echo Fire HD, Echo show available in the market at super affordable prices. Amazon Alexa which is simply known as Alexa app which is used for controlling many smart devices which also help users to recognize the text on the main screen of the app and to send the feedback to Amazon. Alexa devices entered our heart through ECHO, which is just a Bluetooth enabled speaker which does everything you want with high pace.

Echo dot is a voice-controlled speaker with improved design and available in black, grey and white color. It is the most key attraction of Amazon echo devices primarily due to its size and price. At a very starting level, Dot is just a speaker which connects the echo devices with Alexa app. Like Echo, a dot is more or less a Paperwhite without any access to the internet. Therefore, it uses WI-FI to connect the device. The main difference between Echo and Dot are the shape and cost and in some models hardware also.

Echo Dot Setup

There are many features that Amazon Echo Dot provides. It can respond to your voice commands, help you play your music, read through your books,  give you the weather report, report the breaking news and lots more.

Echo Dot is designed to listen to your voice commands even if you are surrounded by background music because of its seven inbuilt microphones.

5 Steps to Setup your Brand New Amazon Echo Dot

Step 1 How to Download Alexa app?

The  Amazon Alexa app is free to download. If you own an Amazon Echo this is a must-have application. This app is required to set up your Echo device. You can download Alexa app onto any of your smartphones or tablets with ios 9.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher, or Fire 3.0 or higher.

Open your device and search for “Amazon Alexa App” and that’s it. You’re all done. If you are downloading the app on your PC visit, Amazon Alexa Website to download https//

download alexa app

Step 2 Guide to Plug-In the Echo Dot

The  Echo Dot doesn’t require any batteries.  Just plug in the power adapter directly into the Echo Dot and switch on the power. Once the power is turned on you can see a light turning blue which indicates the power is connected. Then wait for the color to turn to orange which shows it is done and you can hear Alexa telling you the device is ready for set up.

echo dot setup

Step 3 Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi via App

Connect your device to your Wi-Fi network. It’s very simple. Just open up  Amazon Alexa App and search for your available networks to connect it. Now select your wifi network and connect Alexa echo to wifi.

connect echo dot to wifi

Once you have connected your device to a wifi network, Alexa gives you an option to save your password. This makes it easy to connect to a smart home device or set up a new Alexa device on the same network.

Step 4 Start Talking to “Alexa”

You can change the name of Alexa if you want. You have to change it manually by opening up the Amazon Alexa App. Select Help and Feedback, and Change the Wake word. You can change your Echo to respond to any word of your choice. It’s customizable.

alexa echo to ask

Step 5 Easily use your Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot has been set up and ready to use. To ensure the working condition of the device simply call out the wake word and your echo device will respond. In the Alexa App, there are two options for you to choose from – Skills & games and Things to Try. These help you find everything you need from news to entertainment.

If you are looking for a new Amazon Echo Dot device or if you have any queries regarding the same, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.